#1 I own more surfboards than shoes...  

#2 I never really exercised until I was 21.  Today I love running, surfing and live in the beautiful confidence, that I was born to be a yoga teacher. I was a head-banging pub crawler and music festival camper. With 21 I learned how to surf, which was the reason why I decided to study Phys. ED. A crazy, yet intuitive decision. You think it is too late to change your habits? I had to get olympic-ready in athletics, swimming, basketball, aikido, gymnastics, hokey, sailing, handball, all amongst extremely fit sports people (who actually knew what a double pass was...). I learned how to dance with my ego, to surrender, be humble & to laugh about myself. Nothing is impossible. 

#3 I have a twin sister. Her name is Tina and I love and miss this women so much that I usually have tears in my eyes thinking of her. 

#4 I love cars. I know, this does not reflect my environmental consciousness, but I think it has to do with being a car mechanics daughter. I have no clue how to fix a beetle. Checking water, topping up oil and changing a tire is all I could help you with. But one thing for sure: My heart beats faster when I see a big car. My first car was a Ford Mustang '78 I bought in Hawaii. I lived in a VW LT 28 (an old ambulance) and another VW LT 28 camper when I was a uni student. My first 4WD was an old Mitsubishi Pajero, my 2nd a Toyota Landcruiser '91, my third 4WD a Nissan Patrol named 'Butch'. 

#5 I drank my first green smoothy with 30. It is never to late to surf the wave of green goodness and stir your ship into a healthier direction. Since then I have studied a lot about holistic nutrition. If you have a question about anything in this field, ask me: I will know it, or will find it out for you! 

#6 I have gypsy blood flowing in my veins (inherited by my grandparents). At least once a day I spend time outside. This is where my heart is. I love moving. I love discovering new places, meeting new people and speaking new languages. There is no place like home, home is where my heart is and my heart is presently here, always. 

#7 I spent most of my twenties with men, surfing. I was travelling & volunteering around the world solo with just a surfboard, a credit card, a bikini, board shorts and my passport. I was usually sleeping in hammocks, tents and houses of friends. I never booked a hotel. Flights only. The rest is memorable history.

#8 I lived off coconuts, breadfruit, rice and fish on a panamanian Island for months. It was the wildest and freest time of my life and the place where my now husband and I held hands for the first time. My brother who picked me up at the airport on my return in Hamburg said to me: "Hey world traveller, don't hug me too tight I might get lice." Me: "You could be right mate". And he was.

#9 I was invited to Luxury surftrip to Fiji where I surfed world famous surf break Cloudbreak, met the most amazing  people and was photographed by legendary surf photographer Warren Bolster. It was like a dream. Me, 25 a surf rookie from Germany?! It was surreal! 

# 10 My husband Will and I stripped our clothes off after our wedding ceremony held in Feb 2012 (attended only by 2 our closed mates). We then paddled out into the yonder and threw our rings into the ocean, the place we both love the most.
How about you? What are your 10 things? Please share in the comment section below! 

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