It’s hard to believe, but even as a non-competitive sports lover you can fall into the trap of overtraining.

If you have difficulties to fall asleep, you are moody or feel exhausted all the time, your resting heart rate is elevated, your workouts are not enjoyable and go poorly. Be smart, pause and reevaluate. It might be a sign that you are overtraining. Too much of sweaty goodness will indicate your limits and direct you to adjust towards body, mind and spirit balance that will let you thrive.

Rest and recover:

  • Your muscles repair and that makes them stronger.
  • You can prevent weight-loss plateaus. For its ongoing evolution your body likes to keep guessing. In the past you never knew what the day would bring. A sprint after the deer, a swim with your spear or walk up the mountain to pick the berries could have been your daily duties.
  • Don’t be afraid to skip your cardio session, your hunger will automatically decrease. You still will be able to reach your health and fitness goals. It all begins in the mind. Like you can learn a new yoga pose, you can learn to trust your body.
  • Remember that movement is the natural part of your life and life is about balance. Look for quality time with friends and family, go outdoors, venture the ocean. Write for yourself and be artistic, sing. Life has so much to offer.

Because it is my nature to move, I prefer to have an active rest day. I do some restorative yoga, go for a refreshing bush stroll, a paddle with the SUP or a swim in the sea. What do you like doing on your day off?

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