For yourself, your best friends, your mother in law or your sister who is just get into the healthy lifestyle. Mindfully chosen gifts like these will make them shine:

- a yoga mat or yoga mat bag
- an eye pillow
- a yoga class voucher
- a yoga cd or mp3 (music or class)
- meditation cd or mp3
- yoga anywhere cards
- a yoga magazine subscription 
- a private yoga class
- express your gratitude for them being there in a letter and read it out for them 
- a massage 
- a yoga retreat
- a healthy cooking course 
- a health coaching voucher 
- a healthy cook book or yoga book
- a voucher for the local health food store 

- your attention. 100%. Allowing time and space for self-expression is one of the greatest gifts you can share.

And because giving gives you such a wonderful feeling why not making this to your daily practice?

Be happy. Feel free. 

xxx Alexa

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