Aloha lovelies! 

Yes I know, I just returned from 2.5 months on the road. Offline, on the mat, on the surf board and to finish off, teaching at the Evolve Yoga Festival in Byron Bay, which was invigorating enough. And now it looks like the festival season has just begun...   

As most of you know: I love being in nature. I love yoga. I love meditation. I love creating and being a part of a community that contributes to the world's good vibes and what happens? Hit by the law of attraction: 

The Wanderlust Festival is coming down-under and I feel honoured to be a Wayfarer for Wanderlust Australia! More yoga, more community, more fun! 

So let's start here: What is the Wanderlust Festival? 

Co-founder Jeff Krasno describes the day like this: 

"Our event is shaped like an upside-down triangle. You wake up and there are a million choices. Our ticketing/scheduling process looks like a Chinese menu. 

You can take a led hike, a yoga class, go to a lecture, to a farmers market, go meditate, listen to a band. Not one single person at Wanderlust has the same schedule. 

It's like a “choose your own adventure” book. 

As the day moves on at Wanderlust, we slowly shed the options and communalize the experience. Until at night, everyone is united at one venue getting down and enjoying the music. So, it's both very individualistic and collective." 

Doesn't sound increadible? You ask when it's going to happen? We soon will know! Until then, stay tuned & connect to the Wanderlust NZ facebook page:


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