Cravings are a hot-button when you are trying to maintain good eating habits or watch your weight. I feel as a yoga practitioner, it influences the feeling of balance in my practise too. 

By understanding your cravings and getting them under control you are building a solid foundation for your holistic wellbeing. This has nothing to do with willpower rather with a intelligent approach to health. 

I believe, it is alright to enjoy a good treat at times, but a few extras can quickly get out of hand. Remember that a treat is not a treat if you have it every day. 

Here are your super simple yet effective tips to prevent & tackle your sugar and junk food cravings:

  1. Stay hydrated: Water is all you need. It exacerbates cravings in a big way! 
  2. Feed your cravings! Don’t beat your cravings: As a pacifist and self-love warrior I am all about healing the roots of cravings holistically: Get your hugs, intimacy, attention and gather beauty around you. Often times we are compensating for an emotional void. Talk about what weighs you down. Don't swallow it  - Talk about it! 
  1. Super-foods: Learn about whole foods, super foods and dive into the world of green smoothies! There are so many variations! It is better than the sweet shop! You will love it!
  2. Super-thoughts: Strengthen your self-loving (and - forgiving) self talk muscle. You are sabotaging your mental, emotional and physical well-being when feeding yourself with negative (often in our childhood established) self talk. Plus you release stress hormones into your blood stream, which creates the cycle of cravings, emotional roller coaster rides, low libido, depression, weight imbalances … Instead of negative chatter, say nice things to your self. And repeat! Pretty please. 
  3. Instead of milk: drink almond milk, instead of sugar - use stevia. Just do it! Simple. 
  4. Have a little fruit : not fruit juice. Fruit juice is separated from fiber and the pulp and really is only concentrated fructose (a sugar bomb as bad as a soft drink). 
  5. Minimize alcohol: (depending on the beverage) alcohol floods your body with sugar and continually feeds your cravings. 
  6. Minimize caffeine: After picking up your energy levels with a quick fix like caffeine you will eventually coming off your false energy high. Your body will crave something sweet or alcohol to get out of the dip. The smart solution? Instead of coffee = drink tea, dandelion (super detoxing and thick like a coffee.) 
  7. Don’t drink soda: No, also no diet coke! Artificial sweeteners act like sugar in your body: you feed the body with wrong sugar, your digetive system gets a load of toxins,  will get sluggish and won't metabolize efficiently. Eventually: You will get cravings! 
  8. Relax & be realistic. That's a tuff part, but luckily we have each moment given to us to practise. Live with integrity and honesty. Take time to journal, mediate and practice yoga. Yoga is a great way to see what you have, to accept it, embrace it and evolve with it!   

You are the explorer of your own wellness wisdom. You have it all within you! You can do it! 

Do you have some tips and tricks that work a treat for handling your cravings?  Share with us & leave your comment below! 


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