C A N I - Constant And Never-ending Improvement. 

CANI is one of the many principles invented by Anthony Robbins. It encourages us to acknowledge the small daily improvements we make that help us to move beyond our current self-limitations in order to reach our full potential. I don't really know what my full potential is but on reflection this idea of paso al paso, little by little feels  like the humming soundtrack of my year 2012. And yes, accompanied with the ever firing (and necessary) reminder of: 'I am good enough'. 

2012 was the YES-year were I stretched myself towards the me I could possibly be. Happy. Free. I created flexibility and space in places I would have never expected. Space for friends, time, dreams, my heart. I envisioned, approached and tried a lot of unknown tasks. Things worked out well and even if they didn't, I learned the lessons. Who to believe (my intuition), what to say (or better not to say), how much time to work on my business (or rather having quality time with my man, the waves, in nature and with my friends), what to eat (or not), .... 

This is what happened in 2012...

  • On the 21.02.2012 I married the British man who rocks my world. Will supports me 100%. He is my life coach, surf buddy, yoga model and the person I can steal horses with. We paddled out after the ceremony and threw our rings into the sea. WE welt our connection with each and our bond with the ocean. The church. 2012 - married. 

  • After traveling around Australia in 2011 we settled into a new place on the Mid West Coast in NSW.  I set up yoga classes and holy cow, they grew from 5 students to the impressive number of 35. I still have to get used to numbers beyond the 15 mark. Yoga teaching skills have now a new meaning.  

  • I organized the Yoga Aid World Challenge in Forster and invited an incredible teacher lineup and in additional charity classes my students raised even more money for Hope Child Africa and Surf Aid International. I love the feeling of contributing to others. I am addicted to it, but still I know there is more I can give. Attention. 

  • I offered fresh from the press yoga and Ayurveda workshops. Yoga for Beginners, DIY Yoga, Fundamentals of Ayurveda. New style. New content. Me in the kitchen growing into my role as a Holistic Health Coach.  

  • I met, learned from, laughed and chanted with the most amazing yoga teachers imaginable:  Eve Gryzbowski, Donna Farhi and Judith Hanson-Lasater, Christine du Fresne. I love yoga-women. 

  • On my last day of teaching this year I had more men than women in my class!  ;)

  • I met wonderful people experiencing aliveness on the yoga mat in many forms. I witnessed incredible transformations, tears and laughter. I got given an unbelievable amount of trust. I have grown as a person, friend and teacher. I began - as Eve would say - to find my own voice. She says "The Self is what speaks when it all comes together." I had moments in class where my chest was trembling. Being in this flow state. Feeling passion all over. Finding a job that is not a job but feeling alive. Being in service. It's a gift.  

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. - Rumi 

  • In 2012 I let go of the thought to have a 'secure job', focused teaching yoga and enrolled in two schools in the US: the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which just certified me as a Holistic Health Coach and the Institute of Strategic Intervention, where I currently study NLP with Anthony Robbins and Chloe Madanes. 

  • I have become a green juice junky, eliminated most of the sugar from my life and made some other major nutritional changes, which helped me to have more energy, more glow and a recognizable reoccurring mood-high. I learned that I am after definition a raw foodie (really?)  and how powerful the effects of super foods and conscious eating of living foods are.  Believe me, they are. Very. 

  • My free handstand is getting better and my daily yoga and meditation practice have blessed me with a new articulation of postures, thoughts and inspirations. Circus or yoga? Is this the path to enlightenment? I suppose it is. 

  • I officially began to offer my services as a Health & Life Coach where I help my clients to talk about their true desires, to figure out a way to work towards these desires and goals and to celebrate health, confidence and the experience of evolution. 

  • I learned that doing more does not mean getting more things done; that hesitation is not as pleasurable as persistence; that nothing bad will happen if I open up and be honest; and that if I am afraid to do something to do it anyway. 

You – no one else!  To achieve major success in life – to achieve those things that are most important to you – you must assume 100% responsibility for your life.  Nothing less will do.    ~ Jack Canfield.

In 2013 

Personally I am looking forward to introduce more quality yogic health habits into my life. Stillness, joy, happiness & freedom (as always),  self care, connection and love are my mantras for the year.  

And for you, the YOGIC project will send precious bits your way. For example: 

  • Super interesting interviews with yoga teachers and practitioners, health addicts and educators.
  • Recipes that let you shine physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Education about nutrition for your good dose of happyness, flexibility and energy.
  • The ultimate Relax - Replenish - Renew Yoga & Health Retreat in March 2013 
  • ..and much, much more... 

I envision the YOGIC PROJECT being the evolutionary hub for information and connections in the realm of yoga, nutrition & wellbeing. I am very exited about it and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you. 

To you, I wish you a splendid 2013! Be happy. Feel free. 

with love, 

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12/30/2012 3:25am

I can't believe you have achieved all of that this year. It must feel wonderful. Congratulations Alexa. x

12/30/2012 8:04pm

WOW!!! What a kick ass year for you! I am feeling super inspired from reading that, and totally in awe of the amazing woman you are. i look forwards to 2013 and seeing what you do next xxx

11/05/2014 1:50am

thanks for sharing this information. its a nice post and keep it always.....


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