Look at the seasons, relationships, career, attitudes, body, taste of food, music, clothes, yoga styles etc..  

Change happens, but at first we most often experience the icky-sticky feeling of discomfort and we are telling ourselves: It wasn't too bad before...wasn't it? Let's just keep it as it is. 

Sunbathing in our comfort zone though, can lead us to boredom. 
And boredom helps us to discover the inevitable: We are in transition to something new and ultimately, that's exactly what we need. 

So consciously (or subconsciously) we begin kicking and flipping the rocks until we come to the moment where we have to let go of the old, and reach out for a the new desired direction. This can be scary but:

I believe we need the occasional friction, to keep us watchful and connected to life.

Here are a few personal scratchy examples who make me think twice, but as soon as I got over myself, I felt inspired and energised:  

  • Dropping into a big wave or swimming in an ocean full of sharks. It get's me every time, but the joy of being in the water and the feeling afterwards is amazing. And there are many reasons why I won't get hurt. 
  • Practicing a new way of yoga. Moving away from a 'yoga teaching template' was initially uncomfortable and scary for me. Am I doing the right thing? Will my students still like me if I change my way of how to approach a pose? Are they going to trust me? (Note: Yes - they do! Because it is still you, growing and evolving! Teaching yoga means teaching yourself how to remain and be authentic. There is nothing more loveable!) 
  • With 21 and zero English language knowledge I flew to Maui to work in a back-packer hostel!  I have never been overseas before, let alone travelled on my own! I stayed 3 unforgettable, life changing months. Look where I am now. I am a German living in Australia. I am the luckiest girl in the world!  
  • Speaking with honesty and openness to a not yet friend or colleague or even your closest ones. It brings us closer and makes life delicious. 
  • Saying that I am actually not ok today. (Just saying ;)) 
  • Teaching yoga at a festival this October and moving across the cosy boarders of our beautiful little coastal town. It's scary, but I do it anyway. 
  • My first yoga class... oh, I was terrified, sitting in a room with strangers singing 'songs' in Sanskrit! But see where it took me - it opened the doors for a new way of life! 

Sometimes it is so worth to be a little bit scared. 

It gives us the opportunity to come back into the moment, to adjust and to move on. 

It's all about these electrifying shakes of the unknowing!

And if I find myself hesitant to an indispensable change - I recall Danaan Parry's words: 
Sometimes I feel that my life is a series of trapeze swings. I'm either hanging on to a trapeze bar swinging along or, for a few moments in my life, I'm hurtling across space in between trapeze bars.

Most of the time, I spend my life hanging on for dear life to my trapeze-bar-of-the-moment. It carries me along at a certain steady rate of swing and I have the feeling that I'm in control of my life.

I know most of the right questions and even some of the answers.

But every once in a while as I'm merrily (or even not-so-merrily) swinging along, I look out ahead of me into the distance and what do I see? I see another trapeze bar swinging toward me. It's empty and I know, in that place in me that knows, that this new trapeze bar has my name on it. It is my next step, my growth, my aliveness coming to get me. In my heart of hearts I know that, for me to grow, I must release my grip on this present, well-known bar and move to the new one.

Each time it happens to me I hope (no, I pray) that I won't have to let go of my old bar completely before I grab the new one. But in my knowing place, I know that I must totally release my grasp on my old bar and, for some moment in time, I must hurtle across space before I can grab onto the new bar.

Each time, I am filled with terror. It doesn't matter that in all my previous hurtles across the void of unknowing I have always made it. I am each time afraid that I will miss, that I will be crushed on unseen rocks in the bottomless chasm between bars. I do it anyway. Perhaps this is the essence of what the mystics call the faith experience. No guarantees, no net, no insurance policy, but you do it anyway because somehow to keep hanging on to that old bar is no longer on the list of alternatives. So, for an eternity that can last a microsecond or a thousand lifetimes, I soar across the dark void of "the past is gone, the future is not yet here."

It's called "transition." I have come to believe that this transition is the only place that real change occurs. I mean real change, not the pseudo-change that only lasts until the next time my old buttons get punched. " 

How about you? When have you let go of your old bar to swing with the new one? I'd love to hear from you! 
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