Have you learned that going hard and with full steam is the only way to lose weight and to find soul-satisfaction? Be honest: Have you been truly successful with it? Do you know what it feels like to be physically, mentally and emotionally BALANCED? And could it be that you are a little bit scared of 'BALANCE', because it has been so long since you had your last zen-moment? 

Like yoga, Ayurveda is the wise parent, standing in the background, patiently watching us going crazy, running after the newest fast track solutions to ultimate health and happiness. 

Being here for over 3000 years, Ayurveda has shown to have the longer breath than most modern systems, diets and programs that are pushed in front of us on a daily basis. 

Diving into it, you will see, that Ayurveda makes a lot of sense and offers you an intelligent matrix to your individual health and wellness.  

I personally incorporate the idea and guidance of Ayurveda into my life since I lived it in India. Today I combine the ancient wisdom with the latest knowledge of nutrition and exercise science, so it fits into my not so Indian lifestyle here in Australia. 

So what is Ayurveda? 
Ayurveda is the ancient response to our modern-day problems that ask for effective and sustainable solutions. 

It is a holistic map that allows you to become a vital and happy person with the least amount of effort. 

It has been developed for your unique body - mind - soul constitution, your dosha and takes the guesswork out of getting healthy. 

The three Ayurvedic body-mind types, or doshas, are Vata (Wind/Winter), Pitta (Fire/Summer) and Kapha (Earth/Spring). Each dosha has its unique set of physical, physiological and behavioural characteristics and most people are a combination of two doshas that are predominant. 

To determine your dominant dosha I suggest to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner or physician who will be able to provide you with the most accurate analyses. For now, to give you a good idea of your dosha you can also do an online test (I suggest to see a practitioner eventually though). Once you know it, you learn about the dietary and lifestyle recommendations that suit you and that will help you to balance your dosha with the right food, exercise and mind practices. 

When you follow the Ayurvedic suggestions that match with your specific dosha, you avoid triggering a survival response in your body so you will release and maintain your weight naturally, effortlessly and energetically, without deprivation or exhausting plans and programs. You relax into your healthiest self. 

What I personally love about Ayurveda is that it empowers you to take ownership of your lifestyle, to find balance & peace in body and mind rather than trying to reach another extreme. The Ayurvedic suggestions and information provide a flexible array of tools that YOU can use to find balance in your unique circumstances. This is what makes this system so powerful and this is why it has survived for so long.  

Have fun exploring and enjoy the ride! 

with love, Alexa 

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