Just yesterday my hubby Will and I landed back in beautiful Australia. We had an exciting, surf rich yet restful honeymoon and spent plenty of time with our families in Europe. 

One of my favourite moments?
When our mothers met for the first time and introduced each other in the foreing language (Will's mum in German "Hallo, mein name ist Judith. Wie geht's?" and my mum in English ("Hi, I am Angelika. It is very nice to meet you.). Will and I stood between them, opposite from each other. Stopped breathing but were smiling like honey cake horses. It was a very, very touching moment. 

So now to my update: Yes, its happening the weekend! 

I will be teaching the 'Organic Vinyasa' class at the Evolve Festival! 
The class will be an organic vinyasa practise based on the marriage between alignment, intuitive movement and moments of stillness. The flowing sequences integrate basic postures, Kundalini Yoga exercises and seated meditation breaks, allowing the yogini and yogi to delve deeper into the evolutionary nature of herself and her own yoga practise. 
For the very organised amongst you, I have put the festival program for you to download below! 

I hope to seeing you there lovely yogics! 

A big hug and lots of love, 


PS: As you know I am a board certified Health and Wellness Coach. My studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition have helped me to deepen my knowledge (and passion) about nutrition and holistic health. So during the last months I worked on my yogic wellness cleanse/detox ebook, and it won't be long that I can share this special piece with you! 

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