This is me in Mexico
Surfing, yoga, running, kite surfing, hiking. All these activities help me to declutter my mind and quieten the noise overlaying my intuitive spirit.

That is usually why I have a reoccurring inner tug of war pulling on the decision about what to do first in the morning. Shall I go running on the beach? Check the surf for some waves? Or be a good yogi and do my yoga practice on the mat? 

Yoga usually wins, but this morning I went surfing. My husband Will already knew from a friend that the surf is big today, so he encouraged me lovingly (“Come on – off you go!”) to leave.  He knows that I am hungry for some well sized waves and haven't surfed as much as I wanted to in the past few months. 

One other reason that made my decision easy this morning was that I already had my half hour meditating, yogic breathing, gratitude journaling, affirming and reading inspirational texts. This is my daily 4-5 am ritual I never miss. I do this because I learned (and understand by experience) that this is the time when our mind is still cleansed from the night and most receptive for inspirational, self-affirming, positive and loving thoughts. It is the time when I recall gratitude and intentions for life and living. It really makes my day. Everyday. 

So just after sunrise I found myself sitting on my board in the warm water, with a couple of dolphins  next to me, who also chose to play in the waves on this beautiful autumn morning. As often I was the only women in the water. The waves were big and there were some breathtaking moments and steep takes offs in for me.

There are trillions of ways I could explain why I surf and how it makes me feel. Today I remembered that surfing is my yoga practice in the ocean. It is my spiritual practice in the waves, where I use my focus, my breath and my body to experience union with nature, the universe, the present moment.  

The first of Patanjali’s yoga sutra states:  Atha yoga anushasam. Which can be translated into: 
"Now the discipline of yoga (is being presented)." (Judith Hanson-Lasater) or "Then comes the right time to undertake the practice of yoga. (Pandid Rajmani, www.himalayaninstitute.com)

So don’t feel bad about yourself if you decide against getting on your yoga mat today. Yoga means union and union can happen in every moment. It is the intention that counts. The intention that we are striving to become enlightened, without missing out living our life. You are alive, so go with it and find your yoga everywhere and in everything you do. 
Where do you love practicing union? Please leave your inspiration and comments below. And if you liked this post share it with your family and friends, so they too can practice & evolve. 

04/14/2013 10:38pm

A beautiful reminder Alexa. Just curious, what time do you get to bed ?! Bren x

sue druett
04/15/2013 5:57pm

Alexa you are an amazing yoga teacher with a very special gift i thank you so much for sharing your passion for yoga.After all these years of paddling on the lake at 6am as i paddle into another world of bliss i now relize this is my union, yes and with dolphins to what a beautiful place we live in forever greatful i think my yoga practice is the icing on the cake!!!

Alexa Nehter
04/15/2013 7:10pm

Hi Brenda, I am usually in bed between 9 and 10 pm. Getting up early has been ingrained in me since i was little. Growing up on a farm and then becoming a surfer has carved it in even more xxx

Alexa Nehter
04/15/2013 7:12pm

Thank you for your lovely feedback Sue! Isn't it amazing how we all find our own yoga and yet the yogic tradition does it so well, educating us about life and enlightenment and puts it all into perspective. xx Alexa

04/17/2013 4:29am


Just wanted to let you know that I have just started following your blog which I found through The Conscious Dietitian's site. I find it so light and refreshing as well as realistic.

I loved this post in particular as it reminded me of something my yoga teacher said to me during a retreat at the end of last year. She explained how we all have a beautiful innate light within all of us and certain people, negative beliefs and unnecessary crap can cover our flame like big heavy blankets.

She told me that yoga is a catalyst that takes away all of these layers and allows our true essence to shine through again.

The first line of your post reminded me of this. So thank you for that :)

Kind regards,

Emma Caller

Naturopath and owner of Essential Health in Coffs Hbr, NSW

Alexa Nehter
04/17/2013 6:11pm

Thank you for your kind words Em! Yes, yoga is magic. The layers your teacher talked about are called koshas. Shiva Rea has written an article for the American Yoga Journal (www.yogajournal.com/wisdom/460-koshas) about it. Glad you like my blog. I may be in Coffs in a few weeks time, maybe we can catch up! xx Alexa


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