You will usually see my right eyebrow raise when it comes to any kind of healing gadgets. 
It takes me a little while to let them in. As a yogi, I always aim to experience in order to believe. A new approach to Warrior I? I am in. A different view on downward facing dog? I try it out. Crystals, mmh, what can a shiny piece of rock really do to me? 
Is it just a modern wellness tool or the cheaper version of a girls best friend? 

Wait a moment! It is me who usually touches stones and rock walls on my walks, and I remember that I found myself once after getting out of the surf, lying face down on this huge black platform for half an hour, simply feeling at home. (I think I even had a nap...)

For some unexplainable reason I do have an affinity to stones. 

So I asked my lovely friend, the healthy muse Summah from 'A Natural Connection' to introduce me and you to this topic. Most importantly Summah explains how we can enhance our yoga practice with crystals and how to clean them (...and what happened? Here I am, writing wearing my new chakra crystal necklace that I just bought in Cornwall. Who would have thought?)

Guest post by Summah O'Donnell: 
Most of us have heard of crystals and as yoga students, we are aware of our chakras.

But did you know that you can use crystals to guide you with your personal practice and unblocking of chakras?

Crystals are a solid material whose atoms and molecules are arranged in a specific pattern that extends in three spatial dimensions.

Crystals work with vibration, resonance and colour, working holistically by using subtle energies. This is why crystals incorporated into your yoga and meditation practice is healing, as they vibrate at high frequencies and will bring you up to their level.

You can trace the use of crystals through many different cultures throughout the world. 
Technology cannot explain how crystals have the ability to heal people, yet their popularity only increases over time.

Crystals are extremely versatile. You can use your crystals for:

•    clearing blocked chakras

•    protecting against negativity

•    healing in many physical and mental ailments

•    guidance to a better nights sleep

•    Releasing of old thought patterns

•    Healing your thoughts

•    Guidance to a more positive mindset

•    Raising your vibration
How you can incorporate in your yoga practice 

Set an intention before your practice, whilst holding onto the crystal that you are drawn to use.

Crystals good for yoga and meditation are:

•    Large Amethyst Geodes are potent room cleansers

•    Smoky quartz which neutralises negative emotional states and induces clear insights.

•    Rose Quartz induces mental clarity and is useful for centering yourself. It also cleanses the chakras and
     brings unconditional love into your life.

•    Amethyst is highly effective at calming the mind and assists the mind to focus.

•    Clear Quartz will restore emotional balance and will raise your vibration to the highest possible level.

•    Green Aventurine stabilises the mind, heightens perception and assists in spiritual growth

How you can use crystals in your everyday life:

•    Carry rose quartz for love on you, either in your bra, handbag, pocket, car or wallet

•    Citirine for abundance in your purse or pocket

•    Amethyst for calm and serenity in your pocket

•    Smoky quartz for protection. 

How to buy

Use your intuition when browsing for crystals. Each crystal has its own unique energy and often the one that you are first drawn to is the one you need to work with. When I am buying crystals, I like to ignore the names and benefits that are placed by the bowls, and instead see what my eye is drawn to. 

I feel the space above the crystals with an open palm, and whenever there is a clear warmth or heat emanating, I know I have found my buy! Don’t be shy, the owners of these shops are used to these sorts of practices. 

How to cleanse

Crystals absorb energy and as such do need to be cleansed. My all time fave way is to sit them outside at a full moon to bathe in the loving energy overnight.

You can also wash them in lovely salt water, and sunshine does cleanse but be mindful that some stones can lose colour and become damaged from the harsh rays. That is why I prefer the slow and steady cleanse of the full moon. This link has free crystal images that you can save and use if you need!

Summah O'Donnell 
Holistic Health Coach / Meditation Teacher / Nutrition Student

Meet my girl Summah here:
Instagram: @summahodonnell 

Do you want to get more crystallised? 

Check out Jessica Ainscough's post, which gives you another chrystal clear introduction and Tara's post, where she also explains ways how to choose a crystal. 

Do you use crystals? How do you use them and when? What are your experiences? Leave your comments below! 

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