Why do I engage in this practice again? Getting up at dawn? Spending hours of reading books, discussing anatomy and philosophy with fellow yoga lovers and spreading my message through my classes, workshops and the social media channels like instagram, facebook and this website? 

The intuitive answer: It makes me feel alive. Trough the time spent on the mat I feel fit, toned, cleansed, strong and calm. 
Through my teaching & sharing I know I am living my purpose, my dharma. 

Practicing yoga on and off the mat is the way how I consciously live and explore my sense of freedom. 

I seek freedom. I create freedom. I am freedom and I am here to share it with you. 

My yoga has been turned upside down so many times since my first yoga class. 

Different teachers introduced me to 'their' approach or a tradition which they call their home. Some with a meticulous focus on anatomy, alignment or yoga philosophy. 
Others with the simplicity of intuition. 

They all left a common, practical message for my own practice and the way how I teach yoga: 


Yoga asanas can show you the way to a deeper connection with yourself and how to live fully and comfortably in the materialised container of energy, that is your body.  

Remember that upon creation there was no such thing called  'yoga posture'. Just your breath, your body, your spirit. So when you find yourself on the mat, remember that. Set your personal intention of movement, breath and focus and approach every moment from your centre, from your bare sense of 'within'.


Yoga kindles the light of your heart when you are earth-centre connected. If you are moving from the inside out and allow natural growth occur, like a seed. Finding hold in the soil, it develops to a seedling, it expands and expresses its beauty in synergy with the law of gravity and the natural orientation in space.

So can you. Begin your asanas from within and find your earth-centre connection. Let your heart shine to enlighten others, as a lover, a friend, a mother, a child and a teacher. 


Simply stand in Tadasana (mountain pose), become still. Breathe and intent to connect from your inner core to the outside world. Feel your feet touching the planet's surface. Relax your body. Ground down a little deeper and bend your knees slightly.  

Now from your centre (the area below your navel) push your weight down. You will experience a natural rebound effect and your spine will extend itself freely. See how your arms, your legs will organically follow.

Practice this idea in all your postures, connecting the dots between the earth - your centre -  your heart and the sky. 

With your feet and your heart, claim your place on this planet. Connect with your centre to the earth and sky - allow the freedom of being to arise organically.  

Live your freedom. 

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