Since I have been practicing yoga I am increasingly aware of any physical and emotional sensations. I recognise energy shifts, tenderness and tightness quicker than I used to. Which is nice, it makes me appreciate the effects of nourishing food much more and it is the reason why I can indulge in the sparkling sensations zooming through my body after a zip of ice cold buttermilk. 
In Germany, people grow up on buttermilk (which originally was the liquid left over from churning butter from cultured or fermented cream. Just to let you know.). But since I have almost zeroed my dairy intake, buttermilk moved out of my dietary scope. Up until I stumbled upon a dairy free variation on It is super easy to make and tastes almost as good as real buttermilk. 

I usually drink it straight away or just leave it in the freezer for a few hours so I can enjoy a lush buttermilcool-down on the veranda after teaching a sweaty vinyasa class. 

Enough of rhapsodising about the juicy milk, here is the recipe. Simple and sweet. I hope you enjoy it. 

Mix together in a glass, freeze if you like: 

  • 200ml unsweetened almond milk
  • a dash of apple cider vinegar 
  • a few drops of stevia to taste 
  • spice as you like e.g. with cinnamon, vanilla or a hint of turmeric. 
  • peach or fruit of choice (in pieces or puree) 

Happy energising! 

with love,


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