Where have you been all my life you tropical beauty?  Miraculous coconut oil is my absolute champion these days. 
Yes, for me it was an eye opener - coming from the diet coke, low fat yogurt generation, the idea that I eat fat and maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight was way out of my sphere of imagination. 

As an energy and metabolism booster, a weight management helper, a cleansing agent and feel good supplement, it has changed my life. No feelings of deprivation, improved skin complexion, loads of energy and knowing that I lift up my heart and soul with eating it has sold me forever. 

For some considerable time in the past, coconut oil used to have a horrifying reputation, because it is composed of saturated fat.  But – this information is shown to be outdated. 

  • We know today that the saturated fat in coconut oil is different from that in animal products. Chemically speaking, the fatty acids in coconut oil are medium-chain triglycerides which are metabolized in the liver and straight away USED as energy by the body (rather than being stored as fat.)

  • Coconut oil boosts our metabolism and promotes weight loss as it prevents insulin resistance. 

  • It also increases the presence of good HDL in your body  (HDL is the “good guy” in the group of cholesterols which are commonly found in natural foods). 

  • Coconut oil offers antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which means it supports your immune system. That's why I use it first thing in the morning for oil pulling, as it keeps my digestive system in a healthy condition and my teeth clean. 

  • Scientific research has shown that Type 2 Diabetes, liver, kidney and cardiovascular problems are all addressed successfully using coconut oil. 

Convinced? No? Ok, here is another one: 

  • Coconut oil can stop your afternoon (or whenever they occur) cravings. Most often we crave sweet, salty or fatty foods because we are nutritionally starving. Coconut oil is an amazing source of fat. Letting you feel nourished and satiated. 

Now it’s your turn beautiful, give it a go and buy organic virgin coconut oil and replace all the oils you normally use. Trust me, you will love it (+ the way you feel and look.) 

Note: Because of the taste, I still use olive oil for my Italian dishes.  But other than that, in my kitchen these days: roast vegetables, sugar free granola and all my other cooking experiments are created with coconut oil. 

To your health & radiance wellness yogis! 
05/17/2013 12:48am

Awesome post & such a beautiful website! You rock super star ;-)


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