Practicing yoga has many benefits. Besides the physical self care we also build the foundations for an increasingly content, calm, balanced and positive state of mind. 

Doing a home practice or going to a yoga class is like attending a mini-retreat. It is our opportunity to pause and to reconnect with our true self. 

The effects of a regular yoga practice are for example:

  • the ability to focus better & improved concentration 
  • the ability to truly relax - even in fiery situations
  • patience & mindfulness
  • an increased feeling of self-acceptance and love
  • a better, deeper, rejuvenating sleep
  • and most likely the desire to develop your own practice.  

So go ahead. Enroll in the beginners course, call your local teacher. Set your alarm half an hour earlier. Because, 
Once you taste the joy of living in bauty and love, 
you no longer find anything captivating about suffering. - Nischala Joy Devi 

Be happy. Feel free. 

xo, Alexa 

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