Most of my new students are novices in the practice of yoga or haven’t been practicing for a while. This is great! It gives us the opportunity to start up right from the basics, continually grow into the more challenging poses and review our basic practices consistently!

I thought, you may be interested in this little excerpt from the Yoga Anywhere Cards created by Eve Grzybowski and Gretta Kool ( 

“When you start doing yoga practice, you’ve set yourself on what may be a long adventure. The benefits of yoga are well-documented, from improvements in posture to healing chronic back problems to stress reduction. Beginning students often experience these sorts of benefits even in attending just a few yoga classes. 

The rewards will increase according to how much practice you do. As a beginner, get a regular routine of home practice happening as soon as possible, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our great results.”

How about you? Where do you practice today? 


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