Hey, Namaste! It's day seven of our #30days2cLean challenge! 

I thought I transfer some of the challenges to my blog, so that the non-instagrammer too can join in. It's never too late to do the challenge guys. Check out the recap at the end of this post, every little challenge is an adjustment you add to your day. If you can tick off all of them every day, your are on to something! 

Day no 7: Relax a little. Yoga is a great holistic tool everyone can learn!

Again, we are looking at the pretty hormone cortisol. 

Cortisol plays a key role in our metabolism and our body's fight-or-flight response. 

Normally, cortisol converts fat and protein into energy (which is great!). It keeps us alert, regulates the heart beat, balances electrolytes and counteracts inflammation. If experienced short term it is protective and restorative. High five cortisol! 

However, under chronic stress your body releases cortisol all the time, which eventually wears out your adrenal glands so that they have trouble to respond to stress approriately. 

Instead of a healthy and efficient food-energy conversion you may experience impaired digestion, a sluggish metabolism, a decrease of mental functions (What did I say?) and prolonged cell regeneration and healing. It can lead to muscles loss (note: muscles burn calories), increased fatigue (which might be the reason why you have a hard time getting up early to exercise), increase of appetite and cravings for sugary and fatty foods. 

Yoga, joyful activities like walking, surfing, making love, soaking up some sun to increase vitamin D production, spiritual work and self developmental efforts or simply doing nothing are superb to counteract chronic stress.

Let's look at some common stress factors in your life, like a busy lifestyle, constant feelings of guilt, unresolved relationship problems, permanent stress at work, an unbalanced diet, high caffeine consumption, sleep deprivation, burnout and calorie restriction. I am sure you can pinpoint some of these in your life. The list is certainly not exhaustive. 

Now it's on you: be radically honest and write a list of the stressors in your life. Anything that lets you feel a little bit uneasy is one. Catch it and behind each one brainstorm how you could address it, change perspective or just let it go. 

I hope you are going well with your healthy pursuits. I am with you! Everyday! 
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