My husband Will and I have been on our honeymoon for almost a week now and it has been mind blowingly amazing so far. We came across much love, friendship, generosity and unexpected adventures.

After we left Byron Bay we flew to Perth where we picked up our camper van and drove straight down to the stunning Margaret River region. Here we gathered together various surfboards, which were lent, purchased and given to us by old and new friends, who wholeheartedly sponsor our surf trip up to North West Coast. 

Talking about receiving support and contribution: Contributing to my communities gives me A LOT. 

This is why I will - together with local yoga teacher Kylie offer a Living Ocean Yoga class dedicated to the whales, fundraising money for Sea Shepherd this upcoming Sunday.  

As a surfer and 'wanna be' mermaid it is my natural drift to channel my yoga love towards the ocean and its wondrous inhabitants. 

The action of the yoga community and ocean conservation collaborating in support of our oceans is a unique opportunity to actively make a difference. 

On Sunday the 28th of July, across Australia, in various studios, lounge rooms or beaches, we will salute the earth and sea with our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

Selfless service or seva is a traditional yogic concept. The word seva is sanskrit and comes from the root siv, or sev (meaning to serve or to honor). 

The understanding of seva these days is that it is a serving for the good of the broader community.

Contribution is one of our basic human needs. When we contribute we feel complete. It is natural to give without asking for anything in return. It is a simple yet profound energy exchange that leaves us happy and grounded. 

This for example is why I - as a world wandering surfer - made sure I was sharing my energy in some other ways than just searching for waves. I taught children in Honduras. I was a tutor in an orphanage in Puerto Escondido / Mexico, I helped fisherman building a boat in Sumbawa / Indonesia, ... wherever I took my surfboard, I brought my hearts intention to give, which helped to make my travels feel more complete. 

The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live. 
~ Ethel Percy Andrus

For the Ocean & the whales, with


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