I won't say too much in this introduction and simply invite you to meet Susana, Yoga Teacher, Life/Biz Coach, founder of 'Selfish for 27 days' and co-creator of 'A Night of Stillness.' (Please don't forget to breathe!) 

Please describe yourself in a few sentences: 

A woman. A mama. A partner. An entrepreneur. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A coach. A teacher. A student. A writer. A creator. An explorer. An innovator. A risk-taker. A seeker. A catalyst. An instigator. An advocate. A truth teller. An opportunist. An activist. A spirit. A soul.  I am all of these things and so much more.

What is your vision & mission?

To love deeper and bigger...and help others do the same.  And, I’m all for making love the bottom line. 

What brought you to the practice of yoga and how does yoga help you on your path to wellbeing?

I was physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically burnt out.  My adrenals were exhausted.  Cortisol was at an all time high.  I had a mild case of hyperthyroidism.  Even though I was incredibly fit and strong, my body was struggling.  Plus, my emotional well-being was also crippling.  I was living in a world of angst, confusion and denial. 

This lead me to Vipassana, a 10 day silent retreat meditation.  100 hours of meditation later, life changed in a heartbeat.  I resigned from my career as a Group Fitness Teacher/Gym Manager, ended my 5 year marriage, moved back in with my parents and unexpectedly fell in love with a woman awakening a part of sexuality I never knew existed (all within the same month).  It was this feeling of ‘coming back home to myself’.

Six months later, I signed up for Yoga Teacher training.  I was curious.  Even though I had never stepped foot in a yoga studio or even tried a yoga class something said “go do a yoga teaching training course”.  And so I did.  It was a moment of total trust.  And it was worth it.

Right now, yoga plays a significant part in reconnecting me back with my body and the wisdom that it holds.  It helps me relax and be more receptive and open, which I believe are 3 very powerful qualities when it comes to amplifying your wellbeing.

How does your yoga practise look like?

It’s fluid.  There is no set routine or regime.  I have not set times or set activities.  Instead, I’ve made a fierce, yet loving, commitment to never ever again abandon myself to the degree that I am not fully present in my life.  My yoga is about returning back to my center, returning back to my true nature. 

Sometimes this happens on the yoga mat, sometimes this happens on my meditation cushion, sometimes it happens on the dance floor...in the bedroom...brushing my teeth...at the checkout counter...sending an email...writing an article.  My practice is about presence, so it’s happening from moment to moment. 

This is my yoga.

Which tradition / teacher / book influence your practice the most?

My yoga practice is a real eclectic mix of influences.  Teachers include Seane Corn, Elena Brower, Tammy Pascoe, Meghan Currie, Tara Stiles, Belinda Davidson, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Diana Redmond, Goenka, my family, my children and my partner.  Books include The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Deep Living, The Wheels of Life and anything by Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.

You are the creator of 27daysofselfish.com where you encourage women to ‘shamelessly’ take their health and happiness first! What brought you to design this program what is your message to the people participating?

Ever since experiencing a severe burnout and breakdown back in 2010 (which I wrote about earlier in how I discovered yoga), I promised myself I would always listen to the wisdom of my body and follow the whispers of my heart. 

Any time I have denied or ignored one or both of these things for a little too long I have:

  1. gotten sick…and remembered how useless I am to everyone and everything when I’m not at my healthiest, or
  2. ended up way “over there” which is nowhere near my truth…and remembered how useless I am to everyone and everything when I’m not in alignment with my own integrity.

These two big lessons have taught me that being Selfish and filling up my own cup first isn’t something to feel guilty or shameful about.  Instead, it’s essential.  And that’s because when you are selfish enough to do whatever it takes to align yourself with your healthiest and happiest Self, you have more energy to give to the people you love and more enthusiasm to keep bringing your strengths and unique gifts to the world.

This is what I want every woman to know.  This is why I created Selfish for 27 days. 

For every woman who thinks she needs to “do it all on her own” or feels she has to “be something she’s not” or is sacrificing her desires because of her “responsibilities/commitments”, this program is for her.

Together with Tara Bliss You are the  co-creator of Night of Stillness. Tell us more about that.

A Night of Stillness was an idea that came to me late 2012 and instantly I knew Tara Bliss was the perfect person to team up - our styles are so different, yet so complimentary. 

The timing was also perfect. We were both at a period in our lives where we were craving more stillness and more in person connection with other women.  And we both knew that there were many other women out there feeling the same.

The night is a mixture of meditation, journaling and guided conversations strictly for women.  It’s an opportunity for them to intentionally connect with their true nature and be in the presence of other amazing women who are also on this path of profound healing and transformation.  It’s a very sacred, supportive and powerful night.  And every woman should be there!

What tips would you give a new yogi about doing practice?

It’s not all about the yoga poses- that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  You’ve got to be willing to make yoga your own.  Learn from those who have been where you’ve been.  But then you’ve got to be willing to find your own way. 

What does a life in balance mean to you?

Being deeply grounded AND deliriously high.  Staying connected to your own center.

The ‘Yogic’ intention is to Practice & Evolve. What does that mean for you?

Practice: application. action. integration. movement. doing. implementing.  This is where thinking about it or talking about it becomes ‘doing it’.

Evolve: learning. expansion. progress. growth. facing forward. choice. consciousness. LOVE. Evolution is about awareness and conscious choices towards LOVE.

How do you live a wholehearted life?

Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.  And follow your heart, follow your heart, follow your heart.

Which projects are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?

I’m currently working on bringing Selfish to life with Retreats and Immersions.  My work is very experiential AND I love facilitating experiences for people AND bringing people together.  So expanding into the realm of live events is a real focus for me this year.


My favourite yoga posture is…pigeon pose or wild thing. 

My least favourite yoga posture is…double pigeon is a real challenging pose for me.

My favourite yoga style …Vinyasa.  There is something magic about synchronizing movement and breath.

My favourite blog…when it comes to wellness I love my girl Jessica Ainscough’s blog The Wellness Warrior.

Post yoga snacks I love…young coconuts.  So so so refreshing.

My three favourite health tips are…

1) be selfish enough to take care of how you feel.

2) be selfish enough to take responsibility for your reality and aligning yourself with your happiest and healthiest self.

3) be selfish enough to take action to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Three things I would take to a remote island…my family, my music, my journals.

The ‘place to be’ for me is…in the moment.

Two non-negotiable lifestyle choices of mine are…telling the truth and following my heart.

When I take a day ‘off’ I…..spend lots of time with my family.

A favourite quote that truly inspires me…breathe and all is revealed, love and all is healed ~ Seane Corn.

I am currently reading…Deep Living by Roxanne Howard Murphy (it’s part of my Enneagram Deep Coaching Certification)

My favourite books are…A New Earth, Truth Heals, The Desire Map, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, The Big Leap,

If you have, please share with us one of your favourite recipes: I’m currently lovin’ brocolini drizzled with sesame oil, tamari, honey and garlic and ginger.

Bio - website - facebook details: 

Susana Frioni is a certified Enneagram Life/Biz Coach & Yoga Teacher helping women follow the urge to be real in life, love and work through her online programs, live events and retreats, private coaching and weekly yoga classes based in Brisbane.  Head over to SusanaFrioni.com  for your somewhat weekly dose of wisdom, power and love. And be sure to check out her program Selfish for 27 days: where women shamelessly put their health and happiness first. Enrolments close 3rd May 2013.



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